In 1965, under the company of Kulthorn Engineering, Simakulthorn family first initiated the business of importing refrigeration and air conditioning components from the United States, Europe and Japan. Kulthorn Kirby was the first hermetic reciprocating compressor manufacture in Thailand established in 1980 in a joint venture agreement between the Simakulthorn family,  James N Kirby (Australia) and 10 OEMs of domestic refrigerators in Thailand. With the growth of Kulthorn Kirby in the 40 years period, the company has now 5 other subsidiaries which support as vertical-integrated supply operations (consisting of silicon steels slitting, magnet wires (Cu and AL), casting and forging parts) to support both local compressor and other industries in Thailand.



คอมเพรสเซอร์สำหรับเครื่องปรับอากาศประกอบด้วย J SERIES, B SERIES, A SERIES, G SERIES



คอมเพรสเซอร์สำหรับตู้แช่ประกอบด้วย J SERIES, B SERIES, A SERIES


           In late 2018, Kulthorn Kirby acquired the equipments, machineries including Intellectual Properties (technology, knowhow and brand) along with the rights to manufacture “Bristol” Compressors at our facilities in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the past 2 years,  Kulthorn Kirby had carried out huge dismantle operation of Bristol machineries in USA and shipped to Bangkok, Thailand. Now all machineries has been set up and approved to operate under supervision of Bristol compressor experts to ensure that all Bristol compressors, made in Thailand, will have the same quality as products made in USA. Bristol compressors are world renowned and cover wide-range of application in residential, commercial, and industrial segments.

        Bristol compressor by Kulthorn Kirby aim to be the leader of the world motor-compressor manufacturer  with the high quality products and certified by all major safety standards such as CE, UL, TUV, CCC and SASO to supply to the global market.



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