New deal "game changer" for Bristol Compressors

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New deal "game changer" for Bristol Compressors



BRISTOL, Va . — Bristol Compressors on Thursday signed an exclusive development contract that could prove a “game changer” for the local firm, according to Kevin Mumpower, Bristol Compressors vice president of product engineering.

The Washington County-based manufacturer has an exclusive global partnership with DHX Electric Machines to develop new high efficiency compressors and systems.

“This agreement means nobody else can use this technology but Bristol Compressors,” Mumpower said. “That is huge. A current motor we use weighs 25 pounds. This one weighs seven pounds. It’s more efficient, lighter weight, lower cost and it’s allowing us to change the industry with this motor. It’s hard to explain how much of a game changer this is. We’ve never had the opportunity to use a motor like this in a compressor.”

The DwHX patented motor technology will allow Bristol to develop compressors that are shorter, lighter and more efficient than anything on the market today, Mumpower said.

The motor development is supported by a previously confidential $1 million, three-year research grant from the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission that was matched by $1 million from the company, Mumpower said.

The company is about six months into that development program.

“What it means to us is future growth,” Mumpower said. “This is about really growing the business. We expect to grow our business significantly in the next three to five years.”

Company officials are scheduled to meet with major manufacturers next week during a major trade show in Chicago.