Job Opening - Engineering Systems Administrator

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General Function:  Performs the duties essential to maintain and control the recording and distribution of all product engineering data, documentation related thereto, and the part drawing files.  Primary responsibility for the input, maintenance and accuracy of the bills of material and specifications used in the manufacturing of all products. Manipulates and distributes electronic data stored on Engineering Network.  This includes all drawings, DGCs and specifications that are viewed by all Bristol Compressors’ personnel whether they are being viewed for research purposes or viewed for the purpose of producing product. Responsible for the Engineering Product Data Management (EPDM) module within the MAPICS platform.  Performs at a level that requires minimal supervision.
Specific Responsibilities:  

1) Support of engineering and other departments in the construction, computer input and release of new or revised bills of material (BMs), pilot run BMs, product outline drawings (DGCs), engineering specifications, application bulletins, etc. 

2) Maintain and ensure accuracy of all engineering data files.  This includes bills of material, engineering notice (EN) files, EN log file, part number database, specifications, product technical specifications published on the Web, obsolete files, etc. 

3) Construct/mark-up new BMs, drawings and DGCs based upon Marketing requests. 

4) Maintain code plate database which controls the product information on each label that is applied to each compressor produced. 

5) Manipulates and distributes electronic data. This involves moving electronic files from a “pre-release” status to a “locked” status upon production release of such files (drawings, specifications, etc.) to prevent said files from being modified.  Details of this procedure are covered in Bristol’s specification on the release of Engineering documents. 

6) Maintain database and distribution of Deviation Requests. 

7) Maintain Engineering ISO documents. Represent Engineering in ISO audits, as well as other audits as required. 

8) Maintain files as related to patents granted to Bristol Compressors. 

9) Provide direction/instruction to employees within the Bristol organization as related to MAPICS’ EPDM module. 

10) Assist all other departments regarding questions or needs as related to document control function.  This includes questions that should arise from the production lines during actual production of product.

11)  Involvement in the implementation of Solidworks PDM database and workflows.

12)  Creation and maintenance of unique databases as needed.

13)  Performs other related duties as assigned.
   Education: College degree preferred or equivalent experience.